Year-to-Year Pathways

USS is a progressive four-year program. Each year provides experiences and builds on the next to set milestones for success at UT Dallas.

Participants receive direct referrals to campus resources that support achievement of personal and academic goals. The USS team personalizes the academic planning process by meeting with all participants individually. Workshops and our USS eLearning platform provide participants an opportunity to strategically outline their undergraduate experience through an online goal-setting process. The Family Mentorship Initiative provides incoming freshmen a mentor within a family group that receives additional support from an assigned UT Dallas staff, faculty, or community member. The USS program also provides a variety of enrichment opportunities, including cultural and networking events, and student leaders organize opportunities for participants to engage with other USS members in social, academic, and service activities. This diverse programming allows USS to support each student in achieving their goals and finding a community within the university.

The following depicts the USS program's primary activities for participants each year at UT Dallas.

Year 1
  • Receive mentorship through the Family Mentorship Initiative
  • Review academic performance to ensure alignment of personal abilities with professional aspirations
Year 2
  • Engage in a leadership development experience
  • Explore and participate in extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities, including undergraduate research, internships, summer enrichment programs, and study abroad opportunities
  • Identify long-term academic and professional goals, including prepare for graduate or professional entrance exams (if applicable)
Year 3
  • Cultivate relationships with faculty, staff, and professional contacts
  • Evaluate specific preparations needed for next career and/or academic stage
  • Schedule to take graduate or professional entrance exam, if applicable
  • Develop a strong professional résumé
  • Apply for career-related opportunities, graduate school, or professional school
Year 4
  • Meet with a USS team member to develop a post-graduation strategy and long-term financial plan to support the transition to career or additional education
  • Finalize résumé/portfolio and references
  • Identify employment opportunities or finalize post-undergraduate education plans
  • Connect with Alumni Relations