Undergraduate Success Scholars

In 2014, the Office of Undergraduate Education created the Undergraduate Success Scholars (USS) program to provide formal guided pathways for select underrepresented minority undergraduates. The program structure addresses the needs of each incoming cohort by building upon each academic year in a manner that facilitates achievement of academic goals and personal development. Participants in the USS program have the opportunity to attend individual meetings, exclusive cohort events (networking, informational sessions, and workshops), and campus-wide activities. The USS program team continuously assesses the skills and academic progress of participants in order to make informed decisions about referrals to on campus resources. Each year, Undergraduate Success Scholars create personalized success plans, receive mentorship, participate in cultural experiences, and contribute to the campus and external community through service. Undergraduate Success Scholar Ralph Aguila created the following video to depict what the program means to some of our students.


The Undergraduate Success Scholars (USS) program mission is to serve underrepresented minority (URM) students with engagement opportunities, academic support, mentorship, and guidance to meet both personal and professional goals. The Undergraduate Success Scholars program aims to increase URM student enrollment, success, and retention